The Unfortunate Truth

Less than 1%

of Cambodians that need hearing aids have them primarily due to cost.


of those live in abject poverty.

2 million

Cambodians live with disabling hearing loss.


is the average income earnt per annum.

In a country gripped by poverty, the weakest are quite often the hardest hit.

The least well off in Australia have access to welfare and free hearing services funded by the government, this is not the case in Cambodia.  Older people in Cambodia have lived difficult lives, including civil war, political violence, displacement, and poverty resulting from the Khmer Rouge period. An increasing number are guardians of grandchildren due to the economic migration of their parents, or as a result of their parents’ separation or death. This further increases their living and health costs. Only 5% are eligible for any sort of pension meaning many have no choice but to continue working. Poor health (including problems with eyesight and hearing) directly affects their livelihoods, capacity to care for younger people and to participate in daily life.

All Ears Cambodia is a small, non-governmental audiology charity based in Phnom Pehn Cambodia. What makes All Ears Cambodia unique is their focus on training local clinicians. Unlike other charities that fly in and out of third world countries as a once off, the training and employment of local clinicians enablesthe continuity of care to make a real difference over the long term.

Neuaudio has been supporting All Ears Cambodia since 2012, coordinating the donation of hearing devices at a total value of over $50,000, sending pre-loved devices from practices and presenting sessions as a guest lecturer to their Audiology students. Our Audiologist Andrew is scheduled to return over the Easter period to deliver tuition on hearing device fitting.

Announcing our Change Two LivesReferral Program

We are a referrals-based practice and appreciate the kind referrals from our customer base and professional community. Referrals allow us to save time and money on expensive advertising and focus on what we do best.  We’re pleased to announce that for every person you refer that is fitted with hearing devices, we’ll purchase and send a pair of new hearing devices to All Ears Cambodia to be fitted to a person that would otherwise go without.

By referring someone you care about, you’re not only helping them return to a fuller participation in life, you are also helping to change the life of someone less fortunate.

The Countdown

40 out of 1000

Lives changed so far. Target 1000 by 2025!

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