How Your Old Hearing Aid Can Help a Cambodian Kid Go to School

It was pleasing to see the Brisbane Times published an article today on our efforts in supporting All Ears Cambodia. Working with this outstanding organisation is an ongoing reminder of the powerful, life changing benefits that come with treating hearing loss. Kids can go to regular schools, grandparents can continue to support their families all because those devices in the top drawer were put to good use.

To receive the full benefits for communication and the prevention of cognitive decline, hearing devices need to be comfortable and effective enough to be worn at all waking hours. Fortunately, today’s devices are smaller, smarter and more effective in background noise than they were even 12 months ago. The programming platforms generally give us broad flexibility for fine tuning adjustments so there should be no reason why they can’t be worn full time.

If you (or someone you know) have spare devices or are due for an upgrade; know those pre-loved devices will be put to good use. Follow the link to the Brisbane Times article below with information on where to send them and more detail about the program.

In addition to teaching at All Ears Cambodia and sending pre-loved devices, to recognise word of mouth referrals to my practice, I also send new devices to this organisation to recognise such referrals. If someone you care about could do with my help, you’ll be helping them and someone less fortunate in Cambodia return to a fuller participation in life.

Here’s the full article:

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